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Our Vineyards

Deaver Vineyards has a deep, rich history in Amador County with over 4 generations of Deavers growing wine grapes. Known for their velvety Zinfandel and famous for having some of the oldest vines in the area, you’ll see why their wines are considered true winners.

Mission Vineyard

This vineyard is one of the oldest in Amador County. These vines were planted in 1854 and provide the grapes for many of our tastiest red wines.

Circa Old-Vine Vineyard

This old vineyard is 160 years old and produces the Zinfandel grapes for our wide range of Zinfandels.

Ten Zin's Vineyard

This vineyard has nine old vines planted in one plot with grafted old primitivo vines. Some of the vines range from 100 to 150 year old.


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